Thursday, January 24, 2008

Teacher smuggling contraband into a jailhouse.

One of the people working at the Metro-west correctional facility was arrested when she engaged in some highly questionable behavior. She was a teacher assigned to work there.

She was willing to smuggele contraband into the jail on two seperate occasions
in exchange for a payoff. The first load consisted of two iPods, after that she agreed to smuggle cannabis and cocaine in.

I applaud the officers who caught her, and I hope she will be persecuted properly.

I spit on those who believe we can banish an object by prohibiting it. If we can't even keep drugs outside of a very well controlled enviroment (drug use in jail is rampant), how on earth are we going to keep criminals from smuggling guns into the country should they ever be prohibited.

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theotherryan said...

We should (and to a lesser degree can) decide what prisoners should be able to have. However prisons are tiny spaces filled with relatively small amounts of people. More importantly these people have few rights and many people watching them. If there is any place where objects could be banned it is prison. The ability to keep banned objects out of prison is iffy at best.

Keeping people in an open society from posessing anything (drugs, guns, etc) is nearly impossible. It is possible to punish people when they are found with the items but that does not equal keeping stuff out of their hands.