Sunday, July 6, 2008

Current events in the UK

It's been two weeks since I last wrote this "column" ... it's not gotten any better.

Even CNN released a video of the latest child victim of knife crime, a 16 year old boy stabbed to death. A young man was stabbed and remains in critical condition, security guards were attacked, stabbed and cut as they tried to chase down suspected shoplifters. Another man, 19 years of age, was attacked and presumably stabbed, he too is in critical condition.
There's been multiple robberies by criminals armed with knives, two are reported here, at least one person was injured. One would think that serious punishments such as this one (over 11 years in jail) would serve as a deterrent. If not, perchance we could re-introduce the chance of being shot during the comission of a crime?

Moving out of the realm of knives and other sharp objects: there's been an arson attack against a bussiness, fortunately, nobody was injured. Another arson attack targeted an inhabited house, two senior citizens were indoors when the attack took place, neither is reported to have been injured. A pipe-bomb exploded, causing serious material damage to a house, fortunately nobody was hurt.

Despite legislation that amounts to an effective ban on firearms, a man was shot earlier today, injured in the stomach, he'll most likely live.
A seventeen year old girl was repeadedly raped by three men.

Police are continuing to wage war on drugs, arresting multiple dealers in targeted raids. I do hope they manage to keep up their successes, they generally don't leave any inoccents dead and do manage to haul back a lot of contraband, unfortunately that's not enough ... it's never enough ...

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