Saturday, July 12, 2008

Turn a criminal in, get gas

With current gas prices at their outrageous level (more than half of the European price!), authorities are offering gas cards redeemable for $250 worth of gas to people who assist in the capture of a wanted criminal.

I'm having seriously mixed feelings about this!

Are they bribing people into cooperating with the police? If before, citizens could turn in a criminal, wouldn't they? In that regard, it amounts to little more than trying to break down the "stop snitching" wall.

Now, dream with me for a minute: what if next food keeps rising in price as it has been doing for quite some time now, it'll be pretty friggen expensive pretty fast! Food stamps for snitches? Come on, turn in a criminal and get a weeks worth of rations ...
Hungry people will do anything to not be hungry anymore. Suppose a "less-than-freedom-oriented" body were to come in control of the nation, how fast would they implement such a scheme to track down all the firearms that "got stolen" when they were banned? To track down "terrorists" or whathever else they're calling dissenters.

I'd keep an eye on this!

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