Wednesday, July 16, 2008

shot placement is everything

This story dates back to the 29th of novermber 2006.

A man armed with a .45 caliber handgun ambushed and fought law enforcement personell who arrived oin their cruisers. One of his first shots woulded an officer in his cruiser, his injuries in combination ith him wearing a seatbelt prevented said officer from returning fire. Multiple of his colleagues did however. They ended up firing 107 rounds of .40 speer gold dot and .223 (from m4 rifles) at their attacker, and still he lived to fight back!

It was not for a lack of hitting him! his left arm was shattered by one round, he took multiple hits to the torso and abdomen, 17 hits in total. This does amount to less than 16% accuracy, which is a different can of worms. Point is, if you shoot an attacker 17 times, should you not be allowed to reasonably expect him to be inanimate?

Law enforcement personnel had to struggle with the man to get him in cuffs!

No, he was not under the influence of drugs, fact is, and it sais so in the end of this report:
  • Determined individuals can sustain many gunshot wounds in areas that produce great pain and continue to fight a long time, even without the aid of drugs or alcohol.
  • Shot placement is everything in a gunfight
    and always the key to stopping a threat

A couple of points I'd like to push through here about magazine restrictions:
  • 17 shots is almost twice the rounds that you can have in a gun in California.
  • the criminal reloaded his gun from a box of cartridges!

Now that you know this, go out and buy a FAL!


The Duck said...

Not a surprise there, none of it's like hollywood

bobn said...

they had multiple guys shooting at him, had m4 rifles and could not get a kill? that' unbelievable - sounds like a serious training issue to me.