Sunday, July 13, 2008

Current events in the UK

For the first time, I've started writing this a few days in advance, it is thursday now and I'll
be adding onto this post untill it is scheduled for release on sunday.

Another kid was stabbed to death, David Idowu was only 14. This year and just in Londen, 19 teenagers have been killed as of thursday, the majority (14 out of 19) of them stabbed to death. The police is coming down hard on knife crime though, arresting 1437 people in seven weeks and confiscating 731 knives. Teenagers are getting involved with crime in an increasing frequency, as seen here: a teenage girl is being charged with some serious offences such as robbery and assaulting police personnel.

On Friday, it was reported that four people had been stabbed to death in London, and there had been two more knife murders in England (1,2) Another teenager was repeadedly stabbed, but is now in stable condition. Martin Dinnega (14) was stabbed to death because he gave someone a dirty look ... this friday night we counted seven fatalities in under 24 hours! Gordon Brown intends to come down even harder on knife crime, hoping to increase the successes that are being made these days. Shortly after, two more kids got stabbed in an assault.

It's not all kids who die, as this case clearly shows, one adult killing another in an unknown fashion. Then there's this story of a man in his 20's or 30's getting stabbed to death, and this one of two men killing a middle aged woman ... knife criminals kill in all layers of society.

Not just knife crime however, a woman was charged with wounding with intent after she set somebody on fire! Another woman killed a 33 year old man, no method listed in this article. A man was attacked with "blunt and bladed" weapons, he was injured but survived the attack. A petrol bomb was used to attack a pub in Northern Ireland and a man was gunned down in England.

On this page, which must have eluded me last sunday, you can read about multiple robberies and another case of arson. Do notice the case where a pizza courriers was attacked and injured by a gang of criminals, he was cut in his arm. Such courriers are favourable targets for criminals in the USA as well, and many are staunch supporters of CCW right.

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