Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guns at work ...

There's been some devellopment in the Henderson workplace shooting that left six people dead.
The shooter did not have a gun with him that day, know that and remember it.

He had an arguement with his supervisor before going home and returning half an hour later with a hi point .45 handgun. He used this gun to shoot and kill six people, reloading in the proces*.
Some of his victims were caught off guard and "executed", others tried to run. Some of the runners made it, others were gunned down.

None of these people fought back, most of them died ... seriously, if this ever happens to you, at least hurl a chair at the guy to cover your retreat (and the retreat of others).

I support the right of people to keep a gun in their car as if it were their home, I also support the right of people in posession of the required licences to carry a firearm on their person where the owner of the premises allows for it. I don't know if the owners of the plant would have allowed CCW, but if they had, this might have been an entirely different post alltogether.

*Let this, in addition to the Virgiania tech shooting serve as proof that spree killers have no probem reloading their weapons of small capacity.

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