Thursday, July 3, 2008

Betancourt freed in violence-free action.

The Colombian army successfully freed 15 hostages held by FARC rebels in an operation that's only a few tuxedos short of a James Bond script.

15 hostages from various locations were to be presented to the rebellions chain of command. They were loaded into a helicopter surrounded by dozens of rebel soldiers, it took off and off they went. But the Colombian military was behind the entire thing, and they weren't going to let these people get away.
The military managed to get infiltrated personnel on that helicopter that was to transport said hostages. The military personnel overpowered the (single/few) rebel force on the helicopter and flew off with the hostages.

No blood was spilled, no life was lost!

There's probably a whole lot more than meets the eye here, but for what it's worth: fifteen people will be able to return to their families!

I'd include a comment on the intell said hostages might be able to provide, but if the army managed to pull this off, then I doubt those prisoners will ba able to tell them anything they don't know yet.

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