Sunday, February 10, 2008

What makes them tick?

  • "Rampage killings have an important common thread of someone seeking notoriety. Someone who feels they are a failure, who had high expectations for themselves, and sees the attention that these shooters get and says, 'I can get that.Somebody will care about my manifesto. (Welner)"

With the recent shootings in mind, some accademics have sat down to ponder "why did they do it?"
There have been different shootings, all of which carried out by unique people with their own thoughts and motives, so it is not likely that there is just one factor. Some killers have actually left recordings behind explaining their actions, though not always can one make sense of them.

Big bear has written a piece on this subject too, blaming peoples despair, warining us about a possible depression. Though with a different apreciation, we have similar views of the future economical landscape, and I agree with him on this subject: If the government/corporate world fails to provide the people with a fair chance of happyness, we are very likely to see more people driven over the edge in despair.

ABC recently ran a story about this very subject, interviewing forensic psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner who hopes to shed some light on the mindset of these killers. One of his statements was very intersting:

  • "Mass homicide is a crime that can be completely eliminated by the press, teachers, parents and society. If we take the incentive of attention out of it, we can eliminate it"

This does of course call for a definition of "mass homicide", but I think he gets his point across.
Others have siad so before me, we have to stop giving these sick (unhealthy, ill) people what they want: fame. Don't broadcast their manifesto on national television! Don't get people to feel sorry for them, or fear them, have people forget them. Make sure any copycat knows that he too would be forgotten, not even a footnote in history.

Also: Cousel people! Get an anger management class into the curiculum, get people to vent their excess emotions in a contructive way, or teach them how to confront people they are in conflict with in a non-violent way. Don't tolerate bullying or a cult of defiance, don't allow being rebelious to be cool.
Once upon a time, being rebellious meant attending concerts of a man dressed in womans lingerie picked out by his wife, singing that he wants to rock. Joining the world in collective denial when Rob Halford denied the need for parental guidance was "bad" as well.

Have you taken a look at popular culture these days? Amy Winehouse is nominated for six Grammys, but has been denied a US visa, likely because of her rampant drug/alcohol abuse, if not for the deviant behavior of her manager and significant other. What message are we sending by nominating her for half a dozen of awards?

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