Thursday, February 7, 2008

Closing the hunting rifle loophole.

Hat tip to days of our trailers:

The Violence Policy center has started to go after common hunting rifles. Oleg Volk was one of the many who predicted it:

  • "But all we want to ban are assault weapons and Saturday Night Specials," say the gun-grabbers. "Your deer rifle and you pheasant shotgun are safe." They do not tell you that your sniper rifle (formerly known as the deer gun), your big-bore streetsweeper (aka hunting shotgun) and your Dirty Harry death machine (target revolver) are next. When you read or watch news, look out for loaded yet meaningless phrases like cop-killer bullet, deadly automatic high-power assault pistol, and the like. The sound bytes are nonsense once you think about what they really mean, but not everyone questions what the news tell them.

The VPC is moving against "intermedate sniper rifles", you know: bolt action rifles between .22lr and .50 BMG, also known as hunting rifles which were previously considered sporting.

Let's face it: a rifle which can put down a deer, or even a coyote in a consitantly painless manner is almost guaranteed to be able to kill or significantly injure a human. This doesn't change the fact that these weapons are vastly under-represented in the guns used by criminals lineup.
Run a search on my blog (search engine to your right) and look up "guns used in crime", you should find the study by the departement of justice as well as my take on the matter.

Hunting rifles are highly prevalent, but hardly ever used in crime compared to handguns. This doesn't seem to matter to the VPC, they wich to ban them both.

First they came for the deviants ...

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theotherryan said...

WOW. I guess that puchasing what is wanted as soon as possible is always good advice. In the USA once you've got it its staying though it mite not be available for new purchase.