Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sebastian on the news.

You've read his blog, heard him on cam&Co perhaos, now you can see Sebastian from pro-gun progressive speak up and explain his case on television footage.

It should be broadcasted a bit harder in my opinion: reporting crime, doing the right thing and beng a good witnedd is "bringing trouble upon youself" by certain government employees. If you don't know why us gun-rights activists strive for liberal concealed carry laws, please take your time to read the story of this man who has invested a lot of his time in trying to clean up his neighbourhood, and was rewarded by vandalised property, death threats and people in a post of power telling him "tough luck".

If you don't believe CCW can work, please read about Labidous story, and how it all turned out.

The Carry of a Concealed Weapon can save lifes, and can increase the safety of an entire neighbourhood. It's not a magical ward against criminal activity, but it's stopped more crime than gun free zones have.

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