Monday, February 11, 2008

Toddler shoots mom.

Mommy is napping, toddler crawls about and finds a handgun.
The gun is discharged and the woman is shot in the mouth, but is quickly released after threatment in a local hospital. Full story.

This is a though one. Somehow I even doubt if this really was a firearm. A shot in the mouth can very well only cause superficious damage, but it still strikes me as odd. Maybe it was a blank fireing gun, or an airsoft/pellet gun.
Either way: this is highly irresponsible behavior! Did she leave a readies gun lying around? Maybe it was her "carry gun", and she dozed off ... either way, it is not excusable! She is lucky she herself was the only victim of her stupidity, I hope the kid doesn't get any permanent hearing damage.

For the love of god: If you choose to keep guns around the house, take care to handle them in a safe and responsible way. If you go to sleep, either keep the gun on your person, or in a decent retention holster. Don't leave a round in the chamber of a DA autoloader, or a SA with an external hammer. Screw the safetym those are designed to be disengaged easely, and children can do so easely. Racking back the slide however is an entirely different ordeal.


theotherryan said...

Those finger punch safes and fingerprint ones seem like a good answer to this.

The Duck said...

Really not surprising, even a 9mm in FMJ you can get hit in the mouth with no real lasting damage.
Remember slightly over 80% of the people who get shot make a full recovery