Saturday, February 16, 2008

Police to tackle violent offenders

Ain't that the title huh?

I live in Belgium, and we have a very peculiar drug legislation concerning cannabis:
While cannabis remains illegal, the justice departement has stated that police forces have more important things to do than spend their time going after people smoking pot. Instead, they get to focus on human-smuggling, Eastern European gangs, violent ciminals and the like. The same goes for courts: Seeing as they are flooded with much more serious matters, a posession charge is not likely to make it to trial.

Brittish police are now getting a similar message: Rather than going after the perpetrators of superfluous "crimes", giving priority to hardened violent criminals over petty thieves and litteres.
  • The measure is one of a number of policies designed to slash rates of serious offending, including rape, gang-related gun crime and knife attacks
So ... you don't need just "common sense" weapon laws, but you actually have to enfoce them too?! Who'da thunkit

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