Saturday, February 16, 2008

MSNBC's narrow mindset

They are running story on College campuses being vulnerable.
"Can we stop it? probably not"

This is engrossing! Jeane Assam stopped a spree killer, so yes: it can be stopped. It can be prevented in some cases, and has been stopped in at least one recent case!
Stop trying to scare people into accepting the lie that we are subject to violent criminals, and defenseless against them.

And this is the same news station that valliantly pushes for more gun control, citing these events to put power behind their (blunted) point! If you don't believe you're saving lives, why are you doing it?

Perhaps out safety is not their concern after all?


theotherryan said...

I concur that this discurbing trend can not be stopped. Unless we have schools look like FOB's which is impractical for a lot of reasons.

Even if all students CCW or OC in class a jagoff who pulls out an AK or shotgun and starts blasting is going to get a couple shots off. That would however minimize casualties which is all we can hope for.

Michael Hawkins said...

More guns will not solve this problem.
It's a nice mantra, but armed students won't do jack skite against an arsonist, a school bus bombing or a poisoned cafeteria cooked meal.

We need to start caring about the people around us ... or at least make sure they're on their prescribed medication.

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