Saturday, February 23, 2008

Why it's a good idea to keep tabs on your children

I've lashed out before at the government for acting because "they know what's best for us". The government is not a machine bent on enslaving the population, despite certain elements of corruption or incompetence, they do try to do what's best for us ... or what they believe is best for us.
Now, in no way equating the government-citizen and parent-child relationships, citizens are adults who are expected (sometimes without merit) to be able to take care of themselves and act responsibly.

Children however do not always know what's best for them, and sometimes they put themselves at great risk without knowing it themselves. This is when parents must step up and take action because they should know what's best for their children.
Why the long intro? Because I hate sounding like a hypocrite. I'm not going to tell one group of people to back off even if they know what's best for us, then tell another to take actions because they know what's good for their children.

People deserve privacy, and so do children, but not unlimited privacy. In the case of children, it may prove to be important to keep tabs on your kids internet traffic, as was recently brought to point by this story.

Short version: a 13 y/o attracted the attention of a 22 y/o with her myspace page. Said adult came over and "had sexual intercourse with her without her consent"

Yeh, thirteen.

It's important to keep your children out of trouble, this could mean teaching them to say no to drugs, proper safe-sex procedures or abstinence (good luck with that one), what to do when they come across a firearm.
Keeping quiet about a hazard only increases the risk, so act before it is too late because a ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure ... if there is a cure.

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