Saturday, February 9, 2008

Three dead in campus shooting.

All school shootings are unique, this one stands out as well.

A young woman made the decision to target and kill two of her peers before taking her own life in a classroom of the Baton Rouge campus of Louisiana Technical College.

CNN article

There's a couple of things to be said about these events. Having a gun did facilitate murder in this case, that's one admission that must be made. It should also be equally clear that a person who is determined to kill two other human beings, and is then both will and capable of taking her own life, is likely to find a way -any way- to do so.
Women don't usually go for knifes or blunt implements, but she could have run them over, or tried to poison them just as easely as she could have broken "gun free zone" legislation.

If we want to save more lifes, how about anger management classes in the curiculum, how about encouraging people to vent their anger in a way that doesn't harm others? Today, people are encouraged by social standards to "keep it in", not to trouble people with their pain and grievances. Then, this is merely reaping what we've sewn.

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theotherryan said...

It is unusual that this was perpetrated by a woman.