Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Criminals obeying gun free zone laws.

There were two criminals today who left any guns at home and instead took a sharp weapon with them to commit their violent felonies.

One assailant stabbed a woman multiple times in the parking lot of a San diego mall. The attacker has been arrested and the woman will recover. Another felon stabbed a security guard after being caught stealing. The guard promptly responded by shooting the criminal three times.
The guard will survive, the shoplifter won't ever harm anybody again.

What does this teach us?
Guns or no guns, violent criminals are a menace to society. Both of the victims were very lucky to be in the good condition they're in, a knife wielding attacker is most likely of all assailants to seriously injure you according to the US department of justice.
Law abiding citizens aremed with an effective weapon are capable of stopping violent criminals in their tracks.

Concealed carry can save lifes, but please, be responsible with your piece. Learn how to handle it safely and lawfully, attand as many courses (Government sponsered, NRA, private, ...) as possible, get off your duff and get some range time with your carry rig.

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