Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Guns on KETV

Ketv just ran a story about Nebraskas concealed carry law and gun free zones.

They spend a lot of space on a local gun rights proponent who teaches people firearm safety, and who criticises the complexity of the gun law, which changes upon crossing city limits amongst others.

They also published what we've long posted about gun free zones:

  • "When you post an area and say that it's a gun free zone, what in fact you're doing is making a victim-zone, "Gun Free Zones" give criminals an unfair advantage."It does give the bad guy free reign that the building is secure, that they are not going to be challenged by anyone inside,"

It's refreshing to see a news station give the world our view on the story, and top it off with encouraging people to read into gun free zones, learing about their flaws, or learning how to start their own if they dislike the idea of guns on their property.

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