Monday, March 17, 2008

a walk in the park, a long one.

So, over at Marilyns, I am STILL making conversation with this awalk character, which has been cutting into my blogging time rather badly.

Discussion is going on in three separate threads, the ones with a massive amount of replies compared to the other ones.
The discussion about guns in schools is still pretty "clean", the other two (one used to be about waterboarding, the other was about the valentines day shooting)
Unfortunately, whenever I ask a question (the kind that pins the guy down) He refuses to answer becasue of a comment Yuri made.

If you want to read my recent writings, I suggest you head over and check it all out. Keep your manners if you choose to reply though, Marilyn runs a neat and civillized blog, let's keep it that way.


Yuri Orlov said...

Michael, I apologize if my expression of frustration has caused you problems.

It appears as though some people can't differentiate between someone blowing off some steam and an actual threat of violence. If I had intended to threaten him, there would be no doubt.

There is a big difference between me (hypothetically) telling the dog if he pees on the carpet one more time I'm going to kill him, and actually shooting him for urinating on the rug.

Most people have better impulse control than that and use the threat as a figure of speech, with no intention on actually going through with it. The others are in prison where they belong. Besides, if slapping him is the worst thing I could do, then he has nothing to fear. It's always amazed me that the anti-gun crowd like to project their own inadequacies on gun owners. I mean, if I really had as little self control as they say I do, what are they doing arguing and insulting a gun owner. It defies logic.

Might I suggest you're fighting a loosing battle with this guy? His mind is made up and he'll never admit he was wrong, even if he comes to that conclusion. Personally, I think he just likes to talk for the same reason dogs like to bark. Because they like hearing themselves make noise.

You're a much more patient man than I.

Michael Hawkins said...

There is absolutely no need to apologise. I will not defend one right only to turn my back on another one and censor free speech.

You vocalised your emotions, did not conspire to commit any crime, or called for violence, so you did nothing wrong, legally or morally.

A losing battle? One I will never win indeed, but I rather enjoy debating this person, I wouldn't spent a month doing so otherwise. I'm not trying to convince him, it's those other people visiting marilyns, they should be able to see how some people "debate", they should see the unwillingness of some anti-gun people to answer to sensible arguements.

I volounteer at supervised playgrounds, kids aged six through ten, a lot of them. This discussion hasn't begun to scratch the surface of my patience.