Sunday, March 2, 2008

They will never stop!

Once gun control starts, those puching for it will not stop, will not back down until every gun is gone.

The united kingdom is the most industrialised country with highly restrictive gun legislation. These laws were supposedly implemented to curb the actions of criminals, and to safe lifes. Supposedly? Well you see, they failed to reduce firearm violence, it went up!

Now, Scottish politicians are calling for even more gun laws, seeing as firearm fatalities are up 25%! They want stronger and simpler legislation (simpler, allowing a court of law more leeway), they want more restrictions on air guns, replica's are to follow soon.

It won't ever end!

In the meanwhile:
A group of thugs was convicted for kicking a man to death, there was this fatal stabbing of a 30y/o. A kid survived getting shot and in a running child abuse case, a witness to was intimidated. And that's just one newspaper, one day ...

Yeah sure, more laws to keep the general public safe.

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