Sunday, March 16, 2008

Brittons call for "armed forces day"

The UK's military has long been under fire, both abroad and on home turf. By civillians in the latter battlefield that is. Anti-military ideas have led to verbal abuse of soldiers wearing their uniform in public, to an attempt to refuse an education to military cadets in civillian institutions (a violation of the human rights chapter).

But it would appear that these are the actions of a minority! There is in fact, a widespread support (77%) for an "armed forces day", which would celebrate these men, woman and one prince. You know, parades, open barracks for the day, maybe set up an exta recuitment booth next to the machinegun range.

Me, I'm rather impartial to the issue. If the military want's to have an open barracks day, and parade through the streets, they should bloody well be able to! Make it another offical day? Meh, you can go off make days like this for everybody, and they often go by forgotten

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