Sunday, March 30, 2008

Current events in the UK

Hello, welcome to the gun debate critic on sunday, keeping an eye on the United kingdom, the beatiful and gun-free nation that is to serve as an example for all industrialised countries that still allow their subjects to be armed. Let's review the sunday edition of the BBC website.

A man was found assaulted and remains in critical condition with injuries to the head and neck sustained during a soccer realated brawl. He is luckier than the man found in the street, or the kid who was stabbed, as those both died. The evening standard wrote a piece on how two kids were stabbed to death seven hours apart. The London mayor, Ken Livingstone has made it known that he doesn't feel responsible for these events ... don't think I would either I guess.

When a handgun was found in Belfast, both law enforcement officers, soldiers and explosives/ordenance disposal responded, the gun was taken in for investigation, no arrests have been made so far.

There was a spate of break-in attemps, some of which succesful, some amounted to othing more but vandalism. I suppose it's better to fall victim to a burglar than to an arsonist, like the one who burned down a shelter for the homeless.

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