Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mission statement


Over the past few weeks, I've been reading up on peoples opinion on civilian gun ownership, a part of this time was spent reading through, and replying to blogs. Now I've decided to start keeping my own blog so people can -if they wish- take a better look at my opinions on civilian gun ownership.

I intend to:
Separate truth, lies and statistics
For too often, either side starts trowing statistics and half-truths at the other side to try and back up their point of view. I find it repulsive that anybody would try to do so, and that each side is just as guilty of doing this. I intend to inform people of the truth.
Yes, this means you: regardless of your adherence to either side (or even remaining neutral), you have been bombarded with rubbish information that prevents you from forming a well founded opinion on second amendment issues.

I hope to:
Provide ideas to curb criminal behavior, and violent crime in particular.
Even the most die hard opponent of gun ownership will admit: guns aren't the real issue, it's violence and other criminal behavior. By tackling this larger issue, I hope to be able to push people in a good direction when forming their opinions on politics (local, federal, foreign). By good direction I mean: for the general good.
This is tricky, because the gernal good is the most cite reason for people to commit the most heinous of acts, which is exactly why ...

I will try,
to teach people how to live together with respect fr each others believes and ideas. To live civilized and in harmony, to not break down the social fabric which binds us, and to not harm each other.

Other things I might post about would be larger political issues and ethical matters, because such things are almost without exception tied to the functioning of society as a whole.

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