Thursday, August 30, 2007

You kids are so much alike!

I spend a lot of time browsing through both gun control and gun rights action groups sites and publication, I often find myself reading the same rhetoric over and over again on both sides.

Both of them are constantly calling each other names, making vague allusions to what the other side has been saying about themselves and complaining that the other side constantly dishes up the same arguments (without actually publishing and refuting them).
They both claim common sense and say that the other side constantly repeats the same wrong arguments and never listens to the other sides reason.

And people are buying this?

If you cannot give a well founded statement (links, footnotes, neutral fact sheets, quote the person you're talking about), then please, reserve your comments to yourself!
At least talk to each other then, don't censor out comments you don't like, answer questions and prove responsive to criticism.

You kids are so much alike,
maybe one day you'll grow up together.

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