Monday, September 15, 2008

Is this guy serious?

Ah the internet, a place for free sharing of ideas and opinions. A place for social networking, a place where aspiring artists can be heard, and a place were by the cover of anonymity you can openly call for the extermination of a demographic as well as their innocent and uninvolved family.

I'm talking about a Mr. Anonymous over at Marilyns, responding to a post where a man pulled out a gun after a road rage incident:

  • This so-called 'preacher', Thomas Howell, needs to be disarmed and arrested again but this time he should be tired to a chair, his entire family brought before him and shot with his gun. It is what these Bronze Age neaderthals teach with thsir god based eye-for-an-eye savagery. Then he needs to be shot as well.

    In fact everyone who buys or owns a gun needs to be killed with their own death machines, its the only way to get through to them and high time too!
    I'm sure the non-violence people here agree with me that is how to create a peaceful world. Kill off all the supporters of violence in our self defece!

    Good to see I am agreed with, kill all gun owners and their infected families for the safety and betterment of all mankind. Then we will have peace.

    no they can not, guns take over the minds of people and make them feel like gods with the power of life and death over everyone else. there is no treatment or cure for the insanity of guns once exposed to the. the only hope for the rest of us is for the gun owners, their families to be taken and tied up then killed and the guns finally melted down.

    its the only way. the only way to get rid of the source of the mental infection of guns and the people who believe in them destroy everyone who comes in contract with them. once that law is passed and put into effect we will get a handle on the plague of gun violence by destroying them all, guns and gun owners. see? it just takes a law to make the killing legal for public safety sake and that will justify it. i'm serious.
(all emphasis mine)

Now, this could be another idiot trying to smear the other side, there's no way to tell really. But this day and age, it would not surprise me that there really are people like this. Remember: a full out race and class war if McCain is elected?

What's your take on this?

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deadcenter said...

When I was in high school, I had a bumper sticker, "All Extremists Should be Killed"

I don't think this guy understood the satire. I've similar attitudes on several left slanted websites. Usually they don't require the extermination of entire families, but some of them are not shy about advocating killing gun owners, unless someone finds the faerie dust machine that will make all firearms magically disappear.