Friday, September 12, 2008

Yesterday silence.

So yeah, I spent all of yesterday playing the original fallout game, in expectation of bethesda's rendering of the third installment hitting shop shelves in October.

I took a combat heavy character with the "good mannered" trait, my initial combat skills were crippled, but I could talk, barter and gamble like noone else. After some scientific exploits, a little persuasion and some hard work as a doctor, I leveled up and got acquainted with small arms.
I eventually turned into a compulsively gambling computer hacker that could blow a super mutants eyes out with a bolt of plasma at 50 feet.
But I ended up destroying both the military base and the cathedral with some hacking work, and lockpicking skills I picked when standing in front of the last locked door in the game.

Later in "real" life, I wanted to do a piece on that hammer-attack, but uncle beat me to that.

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