Friday, September 5, 2008

Politics and food, or: My way! My way! My way!

Politicians often try to do the right thing, that is: try to do what they think is right. What they think is good for you. Usually I blog about guns, and you've all -I suppose- read the argument that you don't "need" that AK-clone. Right? "You don't need it, I don't want it myself so I don't think you should have it either" is what they say.

Well, that ideology and the fatal flaw is illustrated in something else today: junkfood.

The Albuquerque Major is bent on banning junk food from vending machines on City property and demands it be replaced with healthier food. He calls it:

  • "Get rid of the bad stuff that none of us need,"

Now, the people who "run" these vending machine have tried to introduce healthy food in their vending machines in the past. They have allowed the people the freedom to choose what they stuff their face with, and the people chose to leave those healthy snacks where they were, letting them go stale in the machines.

Knowing this, the major has no interest in allowing the people a choice, he instead has opted to force his opinion on the people he serves:

  • "We absolutely want to continue to have them in our facilities if they can convert to healthy choices 100 percent,"

Yeah, that's a man who defends the rights of the people right there (/sarcasm)

Look I think people should eat healthier too, but you can't force that choice on them! furthermore, I seriously doubt that those who intend to eat healthy things will bring fresh food with them from home. What, you forgot that a healthy diet is something to be upheld consistently? That it requires variety far beyond what vending machines offer?

The nutritional idiocy aside, you can't just force your will onto the people! It's on city property now, but what's next? Banning new fast food outlets? Oh forgive me, its called "health zoning". Just like it's not oppression of freedom to peaceably assemble, it's instituting "free speech zones".

Keep your eyes open to what's happening around you, because it's the same thing all over but closer to home.

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