Tuesday, September 2, 2008

When cops try their best ...

... but there best just isn't good enough.

Police officers were called to the scene of a man with a gun in what I presume to be a bad part of town. They came across two men. One man was ostensibly carrying what appeared to be a handgun. When ordered to do so, one man surrendered and put up no fight whats however, the other one, the one with the "gun" didn't.

Less than lethal measures were deployed but they failed. And then when the man appeared to reach for his gun, officers used normal guns, which did incapacitate him.

The man was homeless, the gun was a fake. Police fire claimed one more, innocent victim: a man who was grazed by a police bullet, he wasn't seriously hurt fortunately.

Look, these cops did their best. They started by talking, they tried to end it with less than lethal means but when those failed they had to make a split second decision and they chose to survive, not knowing they didn't have to take another life for that.

I suppose this case will be added to the long list of "innocent victims of gun violence" and "innocent victims of police violence" ... I think those cops did a good job in a crappy world and I hope they don't beat themselves up over it.

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