Sunday, May 4, 2008

Current events in the UK

It's sunday, you know the drill ...

Recently elected major Johnson has vowed to finally do something about the crime rate that was allowed to flourish under labour .
What crime would that be then?

Starting off with knife crime today; one man was found with multiple stab wounds he'll likely live, another man was stabbed to death. There's been a slash attack, and a robbery by men armed with a machete.
One villain used a knife to attack and rape several women, another man raped a teenage girl in an alley.

Coming after sex crimes and knife attacks this week, the mysteries:
A pair of children was found dead in a car, cause of dead undisclosed/not determined, but police think the situation is suspicious. Following a disturbance involving nigh a dozen of people, one man was found dead and two other in serious condition. The nature of their "condition" has not been discolsed, police are holding their statements concerning the deceased while awaiting his post-mortem examination.

There's been firearm offences too, one man was shot to death in a barber shop, as well as two cases of arson, an apartement building and a school were the target of arsonists.

Police managed to confiscate (over) two million dollars worth of amphetamines, the ones that weren't driving drunk that is. Two peelers are on suspension with full pay after being found driving while intoxicated, twice (the both of them).

All of this from just the sunday edition from the BBC website ... I'll say, Johnson has got his work cut out for him!

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