Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another church shooting

Steady habits are an assasins bread and butter, his targets habits that is.
Going jogging along the exact same remote route every monday, making the same car trip to a relative every week, or even frequenting a certain church.

When a California man decided to try and kill a former girlfriend of his, he attacked her at church.
No Jeanne Assam this time however, one fatality, two injured, one of which seriously, and the attacker lived.

Said attacker was tackled by the surviving crowd when he was reloading ... a case for the banning of standard capacity firearms, or a case for CCW? Suppose we'd restrict magazine capacity to 10 rounds ... would an average card carrier be able to take action before an attacker has placed ten aimed shots? One armed person in Colorado hesitated for quite some time, rather than opening fire ... too careful? Reluctant? If anything, that armed civillian did not kill any innocents.

Definitely a case for plainclothes security guards ... they'd hardly stand out amongst regular churchgoers and have been proven effective. Generalised right to CCW in church? Well, I seriously doubt that the churchgoing crowd is very prone to violent outbursts ... could be wrong, but I doubt that.

Even in that Colorado megachurch, people excersised enough restraint to not cause any additional casualties when they took their gunman down. It could work! Could it be harmfull? Not likely,

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