Sunday, May 11, 2008

Current events in the UK

You weren't worried, were you?
Well, you should be, if you or your family lives in the UK, despite great efforts by the last administration cime is soaring high, people are dying and in denial, so here's a couple of facts:

I would appear that not a week goes by without somebody being found dead in the streets. Again someodies body, a 20 year old man, was found lifeless on the pavement. Cause of death undisclosed.
Another man was found dead after an attack, nature of his injuries undsclosed.
A child was slain in a high profile killing, beaten to death in a bakery shop.

There's been yet another firebombing. Didn't people like me and Oleg Volk warn of this exact thing? A gun is only marginally more effective at killing people than a bottle filled with gasoline, some random junk and a rag ... but guns have been banned while petrol and glass bottles remain available to the general public. What was that about a double standard two posts back?

Another thing "our side" warns off is that criminals under an administration that bans firearms will simply switch to knifes, as illustrated in this story. Not a big deal? Assailants with knives are roughly twice as likely to seriously injure you according to the USDOJ's study "weapon use and violent crime"

Half a million dollars worth of drugs, amphetamines and cocaine, was captured at the border, people aren't raising an eyebrow, especially not if they're dead.

Closing it off for today: the sword wielding gang who stabbed a kid in the heart, killing him has been convicted to spend "life" in prison. Not all of them, just three. A part of me hopes they too get stabbed, with something else than a sword in a place other than their heart.

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