Sunday, May 25, 2008

Current events in the UK

Guess who's back?

So, after catching up with no less than three lab reports, tidying up my desk, finding out that my home coutry will soon be subjected to a visit from Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, KISS, saxon and sabaton and breaking out in a dance of joy at that last one, I decided it was time to get ready to give you all another sundays: "current events in the UK" where I keep you up to date on the situation in a gun banners paradise.

The police have been most active, judging by this sundays edition of the BBC website:
During 61 raids, they seized cannabis, amphetamines, cocaine and speed as well as sevreal weapons including three firearms. (note: not guns, thus should not include replicas or air guns)
Clearly, declaring drugs illegal did not cause them to vanish, did not cause people to give up on their trade, however actions like these are taking them off the streets.

Don't pass silly laws, enforce the laws you do pass! Good work Bobby!

Other law enforcement exploits are the arrest of two people when a waiter was stabbed (seriously injured but stable now), four were arrested for an assault, three were arrested in conection with a shooting. The perp of a woman-on-woman stabbing wa arrested as well ... keep filling those prisons as they fill the hospitals I guess.

There's been one high profile stabbing at a pub, killing one of the actors from the next Harry Potter film, another man was slashed across the face in a pub. A politician was beaten unconscious and robbed, and two teenagers remain in critical condition after being shot.

Guess it's been a slow weekend

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