Friday, May 23, 2008

State bans something nobody does

New Hamphshire has banned a process called "resomation ". Not beacause of criminal abuses, not because it is harmfull, but because it is "icky" in their humble opinion.

The process is that of breaking down tissue under high temperature and pressure in a highly basic environment, i.e. it turn a dead body into a liquid. Nobody's doing it, and the state intends to keep it that way, forcing everyone to either burn their deceased, bury them in the ground where the process of liquidifying will take at least a couple of decades, or any other option that is still legal.
(It's been since 1994 that I've seen legislation passed against something on account of it being icky, but I disgress.)

Doesn't this interfere with the right to freedom of religion? Plenty of people worship the "earth mother", what's to keep someone from whishing his/her remains be mixed with the oceans as efficiëntly as possible?
I myself still intend to have my body exsiccated under high vacuum, ground up and used in a pyrotechnic composition. I'll go out with a bang I tell you!

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theotherryan said...

I don't see the point of banning something noone does.