Friday, May 30, 2008


Behold my readers, fans and all of what the world has to offer in people of critic nature.
See and ponder what my skills have wrought, I, your blogger, writer of posts gazed upon by hundreds ... have made a pizza.*

Behold, my home-made pizza:

I love pizza, I love cooking, it should not have come a surprise that I love making pizza.
It was my first ever attempt, didn't use a recipe or anything! Simple wheat flour, water and paprika for the dough, baked in a pan with olive oil. I used chopped and canned tomatoes (no fresh ones available) mixed with a little more flour for the tomato base, and added sliced salami and ham for toppings, as well as some basel and vulgar thyme for seazoning.

After baking the bottom, I placed the entire pan under the oven grill to get a crunchy top, came out like this:

Tasted good, I used a little bit too much flour in the tomato bit, guess I'll use less next time, or use sauce binder.

Next up: bullseye pattern pizzas.

On another note, my grasspop ticked came through today, I will NOT be around at the end of next month!

*Yes, this is in fact a parody of Catuls ode to a dead bird which is itself a snear at the ancient Roman poetry to praise the gods.
A classic education, I has it.