Thursday, May 1, 2008

95 year old lady in a wheelchair fights off burglar.

That's right, a 95 year old woman ... in a wheelchair ... with a screwdriver!

The burglar was Robert R Horsley, a 45 year old man who's seen his share of court proceedings. He'd broken a window, but as he reached in to unlock the door, the li'l old lady stabbed him in the arm/hand with a screwdriver. So the burglar does the reasonable thing, he waits a couple of seconds and then reaches in again, and the lady stabs him again ...

This went on untill Horsley passed out on the porch due to blood loss, and a sizeable portion of the internet was giggling like abunch of Fench schoolgirls.
She sais she'll have the screwdriver gold-plated now.

I do hope she realizes that any criminal who isn't a complete moron might have just kicked the door in ... that's where plan B should come into play: the use of force adequate to stop the attacker.

Hat tip to the temples "I found it on the web"

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Anonymous said...

Poor Robert Horsley!!! I think that the 95-year-old lady should be punished with agrivated assault with a weapon (screwdriver). Too bad Robert Horsley did not have a shotgun to defend himself. I think that the 95-year-old should be jailed off to jail.