Friday, May 2, 2008

Rooftop voter?

Channel 9 news has released a letter, a written threat to the Orlando police departement by a somebody who is upset over the way Orlando law enforcement handeled, or rather, did not handle the incident where officer Fernando Trinidad pushed somebody down a flight of stairs, as seen in this video:

I do not endorse threaths or assasinations. I have faith in the legal system, and I wish that policemen who commit acts of police brutality be threated no different from other criminals. Send them off to maximum security prisons, put them in general population, and release an interview with them a month later to act as a deterrent to other policemen who might be inclined to brutality.

Violence by proxy ... not sure if I can live with that, or have issues with. What was that orwell quote about sleeping peacefully because men are ready to commit violence in your place?

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