Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Freeky weapons.

So, all this talk about -evil black guns that look like assault rifles and may not be painted pink- gets old after a while. So here's for something a bit different: the worlds 20 spookiest weapons, by popular science dot com.

It's got the usual "pain ray", "gay bomb" and "bat bomb pieces", also a bit about the new vomiting-inducing-flashlight for police use and many other "less than lethal" weapons, airliner mounted lasers and frisbee bombs! And you thought only hippies played extreme frisbee?

On another note, Tazer has announced their new adhesive, shocking laminate, an upgrade for riot shields ... err, shocks you upon touch. Ideal for use on police issue riot shields obviously, but also for preventing crowds, rioters or protestors from scaling walls, and guaranteed to usher in a new age of horrible pranks captured on camera for internet broadcasting if ever made available to the general public
(ABC article on the subject)

If you'd like to read a lighter version of all those wacky military experiments, I'd personally reccomend's "10 most bizarre military experiments"

  • How do you get a tank-sized hole in a concrete wall? Well, they created two giant, wooden wheels joined by a central drum stuffed with explosives. On each wheel they strapped rockets as a means to propel it forward at speeds of about 60 miles an hour. Life imitates art, and sometimes military life imitates Wile E. Coyote cartoons.

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