Monday, August 25, 2008

Boat burglar blasted.

(A correction to this post was issued on the 27th of august, turns out it was not a shooting)

A defensive gun use can occur at your house, place of work, on the road and as it now turns out: on your boat.

A 21 ear old man was rudely awakened from his sleep as multiple criminals tried to pry their way into his boats cabin. The exact events that ensued aren't known yet, but one of the burglars, one Albert Edward Driscoll III of Edgemere, ended up shot and deceased. His death has been ruled a homicide, but no formal charges have been filed. I hope this shooting was justified and that it is recognised as such.

(Killings by police officers in the line of duty, fatal incidences of self defense and other justifiable/excusable action are all classified as homicides)

An invasion of your property and a possible treath to your life is a very serious matter. Odds are very low that you'll ever have to defend your life, but an attack may occur anywhere, and if your have chosen to carry a means of defending your life, carry it wherever you can.


Anonymous said...

STABBED, not "blasted".
""After he apparently went through this cabin, he was stabbed by the occupant," said police Cpl. Mike Hill."
Every boat owner should be allowed a gun for protection. Piracy in any form is a special circumstance in which law enforcement can not be depended on to respond in time.

Michael Hawkins said...

The story originally called it a shooting, the Baltimore sun has already issued a correction, as has the article I linked to

"An earlier version of this article gave an incorrect cause of death for Driscoll. The Baltimore Sun regrets the error."