Sunday, August 10, 2008

Current events in the UK

Welcome again to the gun debate critic on sunday, current events in the UK.

Starting off with a hint of mystery as often before, two people were found dead with serious head injuries, cause unknown or otherwise undisclosed at the moment.

I'm glad to see justice come down hard on the 16 year old killer of a fourteen year old boy, stabbed him to dead him for giving the other "a dirty look". Mind that a life sentence hardly ever means spending life in prison on this side of the ocean. If anything, maybe these harsh punishments will turn youngsters away from violent crime ... if only:

A small gang of "Brady Children" attacked a middle aged man, who survived but needed medical attention for a skull fracture. Do think of the children!

There have always been some who tought criminals would simply pick on easier targets with guns unavailable to the law abiding, an example of this can be found in this incident, where a woman was assaulted and robbed by an unarmed attacker. The victim ended up in the hospital. Another woman was robbed at knifepont.

Others predicted that criminals would simply switch to other weapons, this has again been confirmed as a band of criminals carried out a robbery armed with a hammer and a stun gun. Another pair of criminals carried out half a dozen of robberies with a large kitchen knife and a metal bar amongst their weapons. And yet another group of criminals used a machete and knives to attempt a robbery during which they stabbed a security guard in the ass.
I suppose some will be glad to see criminals moving away from guns I suppose ... ah wait:

An apparently random shooting proves that guns are still available to the criminal element in the UK, a spent shell would indicate that the gun used was a semi-automatic firearm. Another shooting brought the teenage death-count in Londen up to 22, with many more dead outside of the capitol.

One of the responses to these dozens of dead children has been to crack down on knife posession, continued actions remain a way to put people behind bars. One arrest per hour was the average of an action in Essex, though 75% of those arrested were arrested for drug crimes. One might dispute the effects, three teenagers were hospitalized for stab wounds yesterday, as well as a man in his twenties.

Once again, fire fighters have come under attack by youths, this along with the recent "spate" of firebombings may prove to be a great danger in the long run. But it need not all be firebombings and molotov coctails, dousing somebody in gasoline and setting him on fire isn't unheard of either.

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theotherryan said...

I can't see living long term in a place without guns but if that was to happen large heavy bladed knives and short swords would be the preferable weapons for close quarters self defense.