Friday, August 8, 2008

Firebombing spree? blame it on video games.

So about a month ago, multiple verhicles ware set on fire by criminals with firebombs. Now, the confessed culprits are in custody and they blame ... grand theft auto IV, a video game.

what, "I didn't mean to, the video game made me do it!" ?

Seriously, at some point their parents should have told them that setting other peoples stuff on fire is a big no-no right? Should the store cashier not have been a little suspicious about some kid/kids checking out glass bottles, rags/fabric and lighter fluid? I'm not blaming the cashier, don't worry, he/she did her job and it is not a cashiers job to make sure kids are well brought-up.

This does show how easy it is to construct such a deadly weapon, all it takes is a trip to the local grocers according to the news report. In reality, a glass bottle of coleman fuel would make a rather crappy incendiary weapon, but they did their intended purpoe so I'll just keep that can of worms shut.

Now we can expect another run on GTA:IV, "it teaches our little ones to make molotovs, eeeek! Ban it! Ban it! Think of the children."

First off, minors shouldn't be playing that game, and parent should be taught the habit of checking esrb rating, ( for y'all brits), or even better: "what they play".
Secondly, where was all this stuff before? People have been doing some pretty (omitted) things since way before video games, and the games of ages past weren't quite the peacefull platform hopping, cuddely entertainment that people like Jack Thompson seem to think of it.

As a matter of fact, released an article about the worst games from before.
I guess release in 1995 meant that "phantasmagoria" didn't make the list (Video, not for the faint of hearth!)

A couple of kids who haven't been properly raised if you ask me ...

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