Sunday, August 24, 2008

Current events in the UK

Welcome once again to the gun debate critic on sunday, as I take a look at the current situation in the gun control paradise of the UK. Gun control is non-existant according to the crooks, and it aint no paradise either. Let's have a look:

Starting off with a hint of mystery, a body was found on the roadside ... a family man who had gone missing. Murder, suicide, accident ... the police are investigating.
The police also speak of mystery themselves as they for witnesses to help clear up a death in a pub.

To account for a lack of working gun control: one man was shot to death in Birmingham, another was gunned down in Dublin. Two people were injured in a shooting (also in Birmingham), and the gun that was used to kill someone last week has been recovered.
It's not all guns ... one man managed to shoot himself with a crosbow, he'll live. Accident or botched suicide? I wouldn't know either.

A man remains in critical condition after a stabbing, a teenager was stabbed to death, as was a senior citizen, another man is critical ... the list goes on and on ...

This is NOT a peaceful place!

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