Sunday, August 17, 2008

Current events in the UK

Welcome once again to the gun debate critic on sunday, current events in the UK.

It's been a rather shocking week, as a heavely pregnant woman was attacked in her home! She was bludgeoned over the head and seriousky injured. Fortunately, her child was allright, doctors induced labour and brought the baby healthy to this oft horrible place. In response, police are stepping up their activities in the neighbourhood. I applaud their efforts, but I also regret that they can only do so after the facts. That's not the polices fault, that's just the way it is I'm afraid.

The twenty third teenager has been killed in Londen, a 17 year old was killed with a single stab of a knife. The same day another teen was killed in an unrelated incident. Knife attacks are no reason for city officials to consider their city dangerous it would seem ... "sure, a woman was stabbed, but this place is perfectly safe otherwise, I swear!". Perhaps she's lucky ... another woman was raped at knifepoint by multiple attackers.

To illustrate the administrations failure at keeping guns out of the hands of kids, a 13 year old was found in posession of a handgun, ammunition and sound supressors. The gun may be a Makarov Baikal-442, which may very well have been procured in eastern Europe and smuggeled into the UK.
In a display of justice after the horrendous fact, a young drug dealer was sentenced after shooting three people dead with a semi-automatic mac-10, and then stabbing two people after that. He regrets ... running out of ammunition.

And once again, a petrol bomb was used to attack an inhabited construction, the house of a law enforcement official.

Banning guns, not quite working great if you ask me.

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