Friday, August 22, 2008

killing in a fit of rage ...

People are killed in a fit of rage, there is no oint in denying it. What I'd like to deny here today is that removing firearms from the scene would prevent such a thing.

Students can be under a lot of stress, I would know, and stress is killer. But then again, I've never felt -through stress and rage compelled- to kill another human being in a fit of rage. Somebody else did however:

  • A law student who stabbed his guardian 56 times because she had pressured him to resit his failed exams was jailed for life yesterday.

    David Quartey, 22, was convicted of murdering Victoria Anyetei, 54, in a “frenzied attack of enormous brutality” as she waited in her car to take him to college for extra tuition.

You can read the entire story here. My point is, that people kill people. We've been doing so since we were still feasting on wooly mammoths, back when swords and longbows were the assault weapons, and I'm confident we'll continue to do so long into the future. I would very much like to put an end to that, alas, I can only start with myself.

Other people claim that they can put an end to other peoples behavior. One way is by passing legislation against itmes associated with crime. Ban guns to prevent gun crime, ban knives to prevent knife crime, ban drugs to prevent drug crime.
It's never: ban guns to prevent murder or homicide in a fit of rage, and if it were, it would be a failure, as people kill other people in a fit of rage without guns just the same.

Remember that.

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