Saturday, August 23, 2008

Getting away with a felony.

Suppose you willfuly and intentionally planted your fist in someones face ... that constitutes assault. A felony that -under the current legal system- should land you before a judge and a jury of your peers, because you simply do not walk around hitting people, do you?

Well, the law it would appear isn't equal for all of us.

The major of Detroit who I can only guess leads his violent urban centre by example was charged with multiple assault charges. Now the DA is making him an offer, drop your title and you'll get away with it. Give up your job, and this violent crime you carried out against a fellow American will go completely unpunished.

Not to overdramatize, the good Major faces ten felony charges in two seperate criminal cases, but still. How would you feel if a charge for assault against you or a loved one (spouse, child) was being used as tender in a deal. The crime perpetraited against you or your dear ones will go unpunished, but fear not! This man, who when opposed by even the most incompetent of adversairies in the next election would not get re-elected, will have to give up his job.

How would you feel?

And don't tell me how this will allow them to better prosecute him, if the fact that he's a major would stand in the way of bringing him to justice for TEN FELONIES, than we've got seriously bigger problems.

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