Sunday, August 31, 2008

Current events in the UK

A body was recovered, the victim presumably died from injuries to the neck and face. A man died of undisclosed injuries after being attacked, yet another person is in critical condition following an assault ...

So when I was going through my blogroll this morning, I spotted a true gem over at sharp as a marble. Where he spots a news article with something interesting to say:

  • Guns are always available and stemming the flow of weapons remains an almost impossible task.

Some people knew this before, some have been saying so all along. Some people have been in denial for some time now. I'd say others have known but keep denying it because of ulterior motives.

Point to proof, a man used a handgun to try and rob a bank just now.

This weeks knife crime alone is enough to fill a blog. One kid was stabbed to death after a party, don't conuse him with the OTHER kid that was stabbed at a party and died. Q:Did you hear about that kid that got stabbed to death at the party - A:Which one?

Two men were stabbed, one died in what is called "not a random attack". Earlier, yet another teen was stabbed to death in London.

If anybody was wondering, arsonists *do* still kill people, large amounts of illegal drugs are still being confiscated and few people bat an eye at either.

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