Sunday, August 3, 2008

The truth in Olegs words

Oleg Volks site, a human right once convinced me of the merits of the gun rights movement, he got me to hop off on this side of the fence so to speak. Still, I took his words with a grain of salt, cautious not to assume anyone telling the truth.

One thing on his site that would definitely be up for discussion is the following piece on his page concerning aesthetics:

  • Guns are used to kill lots of people in the US every year. They're much more convenient for killing than, say, a knife or a crowbar, and marginally more convenient than, say, a Buick or a gasoline bomb.

That last part is what I'd like to focus on today, the manner in which a gasoline bomb (molotov coctail) could be used to kill somebody, or rather -as I like to use reality as my witness over my imagination- I'll show you how somebody was killed in an intentional fire.

  • After an arguement, somebody set fire to a womans apartement, effectively killing her and seriously injuring her son.
Arson kills, and dead is dead. Had he shot her, she could have died, had he stabbed her, she could have died ... she would have been dead. No more, no less, lost to the world all the same save but for the choice of casket, an open coffin is out of the question now I suppose ... unless she slowly died of smoke inhalation ...

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