Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Russia recognizes rebels ... with poor trigger control.

So people are condemning Russia for recognising South Ossetia and Abkhazia as nations, broken away from Georgia. They declare two regions as nations, and the Russians are catching flak from everybody who disagreed with them on various other issues that have nothing to do with this, like from me:

What on earth are you thinking recognising this woman pictured with the worst trigger control in the history of photography as a resident of a sovereign state:

(picture from CNN, found here)

Honestly, I halfly expect that the safety on the other side of the reciever is one notch down.
If you're going to have your picture taken for the international press, and you're posing with a rifle that's got a magazine in there, keep your booger hook off the trigger!

On another note: I have no opinion on the local politics as I am not familliar with the region. The political content of this post is there for satire, I do not support either the independance of either state, or the preservation of the greater Georgian nation ... I don't care either way, ok?

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erick said...

i guess this is the russian version of payback....the west got kosovo, the east gets ossetia...i dont think the US has any moral authority to protest the recognition of an independt country since it did exactly the same no less than 6 months ago...do to others as you want to be done to you....or....pick your fights.