Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I passed!

It's two AM, the fear is gone.(*)

The fear is gone entirely, I passed every single subect, not just all courses and clusters, but every single subject!
I got a 10 out of 20 for one subject, and two elevens; but I'm out there, out with the select few who will be at leisure throughout the summer before entering their senior year as students of process operations.

I even managed to score good enough for industrial fractioning to raise my grade from 10/20 to 14/20, my teacher personally commended me on the feat.

By Belgian standards, I'm slightly inebriated at moment, so by Yank standards, I probably shouldn't even be alive, but I'm going strong! I deserved a vacation and I'm enjoying it.
All potentially dangerous objects out of reach, I'm enjoying meself like there's no tomorrow, knowing perfectlyy well there won't just be a tomorrow, there'll be a day after that, a day after that day, and a busstrip to my festival of choice for this year after that ...

My blogging might not be consistent untill tuesday next week. Should said case present itself, cheer for me!


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