Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gun control puts gun in hands of 15 year old

Came across this over at marilyns ...

Once upon a time, criminals would buy a gun, use it for their evil deeds, and get rid of it ... junkers were cheap and plentiful, and easy to get, probably why they accounted for roughly 46% of the guns traced by the ATF in 1994.

  • "In the 1980s and early 1990s, they were throwing those guns in the river. But they aren't doing that anymore,"
Indeed, 14 years later , guns are treated differently:

  • "...gangs across the country stash and share weapons, often in abandoned buildings, in an attempt to circumvent gun control laws..."
So, gun control laws are causing gangs to stash guns rather than get rid of them? What exactly has that resulted in then? Recently, a 10 year old girl was shot to death by a 15 y/o wielding a "neighbourhood gun".
'course it's a neighbourhood, not a gang territory or turf, and the 15 year old who shot the little girl was an "average, normal kid", not a juvenile gang member ... though he did know in which garbage bag to pick up a gun.

Think of the children much?
Gun control -as is- is not working!


Marc McDonald said...

Why shouldn't have children have guns? The Second Amendment says nothing about "adults only."
Why are people like you and the NRA (with its famous "keep guns out of the hands of kids" campaign) trying to restrict our Second Amendment rights?

Michael Hawkins said...

I honestly don't give a rats ass about what the bill of rights sais, have never used it to justify or back up my ideas, and do not intend to.

The people who drafted the constitution and the bill of rights were very wise men, able in their job, and the rights they sought to protect are most important, but they have always been important, were so long before they were included in a document, and they will remain important even if the bill of rights would be "destroyed".