Sunday, June 22, 2008

Current events in the UK: anti-stab workshops

Welcome once again to the gun debate critic on sunday, where I get you up to speed on recent devellopments in the United kingdom.

Starting off once again with a hint of mystery: a dead body was found wrapped in garbage bags, while it's still unclear how the 50 y/o man died, police are considering it a suspicious death.
In a stellar display of police work, officers arrested the man who stabbed a woman to death, as he walked into a police precinct. Another stabbing took place in an antique shop, leaving a middle-aged woman injured.

In a rather gruesome crime, a woman was raped in a city center, the police are trying to locate the two people who helped her after the attack
A few firearms incidents as well. Two were injured by shotgun fire and a car was shot at by masked gunmen. A senior citizen was murdered, and a man tried to kill another person by setting him on fire!

There's been a considerable toll on young lives this week, a child was seriously injured in the face following an assault, two kids aged 10 and 12 were stabbed by a 15 year old during a botched robbery. A 14 y/o schoolgirl was attacked by another girl (17/18? age unknown) after she had been followed home.

Capitalizing on this trend of children getting stabbed and sometimes killed, some are offering "anti stab workshops", self defence classes honed to teach children to prevent being stabbed. Their curriculum is said to include time tested strategies such as: "Give them what they want" and "run away", as well as "wet yourself, curl up into a ball and plea for mercy as an attacker twice you age and size catches up with you"

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