Monday, June 23, 2008

Pniewska's killer sentenced to life (20 years)

Takes me back a while: one of the earliest posts I wrote on this blog was about a woman being killed as (three?) criminals were shooting at eachother in what is now being called a "wild west shootout".

While one (or more) of these animals still walks around a free man most likely (to be honest, chances are he got stabbed to death somewhere along the way), one of them has been apprehended and brought to justice:
Armel Gnango, now 18, well have to serve no less than 20 years in prison. There were other sentences as well, 12 and five years, but those will run concurrently.

Even though Gango did not fire the bullet that killed this woman (as confirmed by ballistics) he is being held responsible, as he was involved in the gunfight that eventually would leed to the death of this innocent person.

It's only a third of a full serving of justice, as by the courts reasoning, there are still two other people out there who are (at least) as responsible. At least one of them is off the streets now ...

Good show, a show that must and (unfortunately, in another respect) probably will go on.

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